How the Condition of Your Wall Directly Affects Your Painting

Before you begin painting inside your home (or outside it), you need to consider the condition of the wall you will be painting. Is it in good condition? Does it need some repairs? Are there holes or places where water could leak in? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself, if you want your paint job to last.

It doesn’t make sense for you to spend the time and the money to paint your walls very carefully, only to have that paint fade or peel off after a short while. It’s in your best interests to check the condition of the wall before you paint and ensure that it is suitable for paint. Not every wall will be, and some of them require a lot of work before you can put any paint down and realistically expect it to adhere there.

Professional painting companies spend a lot of money and manpower to fix people’s painting mistakes. They work on tons of jobs each year where they are basically going back and painting over another person’s poor paint job on a wall that was in poor condition.

If the wall is in a serious state of disrepair, then it will likely cause the paint to chip, peel, fade or bubble over time. Those irregularities can start to show up as soon as a few weeks after you lay the paint down. You can put lots of layers of paint and still have the paint peel off because of poor surface conditions.

If you are not sure if your wall is in good enough condition to paint on it, then you may want to call in a painting expert to assess it for you. That can save you time and money and help you realize where you stand and what kind of work you have ahead of you before you begin painting.

If you are painting over mildew or painting in a humid area, then mold and mildew can show through the paint and cause the paint to erode over time. You should clean up the mold first and do what you can to ensure it does not come back.

If you have moisture trapped in the walls you want to paint or there is a leak in the plumbing behind the walls, then that can cause the paint to bubble and look uneven. You should make sure the walls are completely dry before you begin to paint, and if you suspect a leak or trapped moisture, then you should have someone look at that before you start your painting.

You can lose a lot of work and waste a lot of money if you don’t take the condition of your wall into account before you start painting on it. You have to think of more than the quality of the paint when you start to redo a room in your house. The condition of the walls plays an important role in how good your paint job looks and how long it will last for you.

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