Ceiling Painting Tips

It’s not easy to paint ceilings. You have to deal with all the dripping paint, the strenuous reaching and the ladder climbing. It can be dangerous and uncomfortable, but we will give you a few tips to make things go faster and to ensure a better paint job and less cleanup afterwards.

It may be obvious for some, but make sure you put down a drop cloth before you paint the ceiling. You can buy one these at a thrift store or from a paint supply store for cheap. You could just lay down newspapers, if you want, but this will save you so much work later on.

You should only use a roller to paint your ceiling. It may seem messy, but it is far more effective and efficient than spray paint. It might seem like spray paint is the obvious way to go for a quick and easy painting job, but you will likely regret the final results and wish you had done the roller instead. If you use spray paint, you have to cover all sorts of stuff and take a lot of extra time to set everything up, and in that time, the roller could have already finished the job.

Be sure to use a ladder instead of trying to set up some scaffolding. Yes, you have to go up and down the ladder repeatedly, but if you have a friend help you, it may not be so tiresome. You also want to be careful about using a pole extension on the roller. It may help you reach farther, but it also makes the roller weigh a lot more, and that extra strain is going to wear you out and make your job take longer, in many cases, as you stop for rests.

You definitely want to go with a white ceiling. While you may be tempted to add some color to the ceiling, white gives you the illusion of extra space. Your eyes have trouble focusing on that color, so it looks like there is more space than there really is. White ceilings also draw in more light, providing illumination to your room and making it feel more inviting. Of course, a white ceiling is also simpler, and you will always be happy with the finished product, whereas a colored ceiling may not appeal to you in a few months.

Work methodically to track where you have painted. In many cases, you will be painting over a white ceiling already in place, and you want to know where you have been painting. If you paint in a grid or on smaller sections, you can know exactly where you are at and where you have left to paint.

Painting your ceiling does not have to be a dreaded job. You can enjoy it and make it look great in a short amount of time, but you have to use the most effective methods. Do sure to follow all our tips to save yourself time and money and to get the best-looking ceiling you can.

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